Crazy Daizy's Whimsical Freelance Concepts

Specializing in royalty free stock images and whimsical portrait concepts.

portrait pricing & scheduling

  • $99.00 sitting fee for a photo session at my Montrose location. Sitting fee includes all photo editing, creative editing, airbrushing, image highlighting, etc.
  • $150.00 for a one hour, off site photo session within Montrose County at the location of your choice.
  • No limits on poses per package or number of people for portrait settings like many other sites!
  • Schedule appointments by filling out an inquiry or emailing me. You can also message me on Facebook.
  • or find me on Facebook at Crazy Daizy's© Whimsical Freelance Concepts.

enchanting portrait packages

The Little Rosebud Pack $35.00

  • 1- 5x7
  • 1- 3x5
  • 9 wallets

The Daffodilly Pack $55.00

  • 1- 5x7
  • 2- 3x5
  • 18 wallets 

The Lilac Pack $75.00

  • 2- 5x7
  • 3- 3x5
  • 18 wallets

The Poppy Pack $85.00

  • 3- 5x7
  • 4- 3x5
  • 18 wallets

The Daisy Mum Pack $99.00

  • 1- 8x10
  • 2- 5x7
  • 4-3x5
  • 18 wallets

The Shasta Pack $150.00 (A $176.00Value!)

  • 2- 8x10
  • 4- 5x7
  • 4 3x5
  • 27 wallets

The FULL BLOOMIN' Pack $225.00 (A $288.00 Value!)

  • 4- 8x10
  • 6- 5x7
  • 8- 3x5
  • 36 wallets

Pictures A la Carte or Create your own portrait package!

  • 1- 8x10 $20.00
  • 1- 5x7 $12.00
  • 1-3x5 $7.00
  • 9 wallets $20.00

Images on CD-ROM with copyright release so you can print your own images $75.00

Business Portraits on CD-ROM with copyright release $50.00 plus a special REDUCED sitting fee of only $25!

rates & services: images for sale

  • All "non-stock" content offered anywhere on this website, or on my facebook page (Crazy Daizy's© Whimsical Freelance Concepts), or any stock images not currently being sold on are reserved for private sales (excluding personal and/or business portraits).
  • Images created by Crazy Daizy© can be purchased for a flat rate of $45 for an 8x10 printed, matted photo.
  • All flat rates include the cost of tax and standard shipping. 
  • Now accepting PayPal!!
  • Additional sizes, images, and pricing coming soon!
  • New images being uploaded weekly!
  • Many stock images can be purchased through or special ordered.
  • I reserve the right to remove any images from private sales to sell exclusively on at any time.
  • Please note that the large Crazy Daizy© logo will not appear on the center of printed images.
  • If you would like an image that is not available on the Purchase page, please fill out an inquiry requesting the image you are interested in and I will quickly move it to the PayPal ordering area.










  •  Find many more photos for sale by making your way over to Crazy Daizy's Whimsical Freelance concepts on facebook!